Salem Crime Anyone?

For a  book I am planning on Salem, I am collecting local stories from people who have lived here. Although the common thread is crime, I interpret “crime” loosely and broadly. My interest is what happens to people when faced with a life-threatening crisis. Certain events bring into focus who we are, where we came from, and often inalterably change where we’re going.

If you have a Salem crime story you’d be willing to share, please e-mail me a (very) brief synopsis and include a way I can reach you. Either that, or reply to the form below.

The Murder of Scott Rogo

Although I generally restrict my writing to Salem, I was actually born
in Los Angeles. In August of 1990 a murder was committed in LA that compelled me to make an exception and take on a hometown story. As of today the book lacks an ending. This particular murder case was never solved.

Composite of Suspect

On August 16, 1990 reknowned parapsychologist and author D. Scott Rogo was found slain in his Northridge home in the San Fernando Valley. He was last seen alive a day or two before at a local bar called the “In Touch.” He left with this man:


Within the next 24 hours he was dead. His killer left this bloody print on the wall nearby:

For a larger image of this print, click here.


If you recognize this man or this fingerprint, please email me, or contact
the Devonshire Division of the LAPD (1-818-756-8291). Please email me regardless, in case they don’t follow up.

If you are a fingerprint expert, or someone with the authority to attempt running this print against the FBI database, please do so. To date, no one has.

If you knew Scott Rogo and are willing to talk to me, or if you happened
to be in the In Touch bar on Tuesday August 14, or Wednesday August 15,
1990, please e-mail me.

The LAPD reopened the case a few years ago and recently reviewed the files and evidence. For updates and current status, click here.